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4 Ways to Start a Senior Living Discussion with Aging Parents


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"It may be a conversation you have been thinking about but keep putting off. Maybe you have tried but just couldn’t find a good segue or ice-breaker to get a dialogue started."

How to Prepare Yourself Mentally for Retirement


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"...I recently read a new [book] called The Retirement Boom: An All-Inclusive Guide to Money, Life, and Health in Your Next Chapter that I liked and recommend specifically because it’s not about the financial side of retirement planning. It’s about the other side: the personal, emotional, and psychological side."

5 Unexpected Benefits of Retiring Early


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"Saving enough to retire early can still be a long and tough journey. Luckily, the reward of not needing to answer to a boss is well worth the struggle. Aside from the freedom and time you gain from escaping the grind, you may not be aware of these additional benefits many early retirees enjoy..."

Downsizing: Knowing when it's time to move on


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Great article on downsizing. If you are beginning this conversation and need to discuss options, we are here to help!

"If you are weighing whether to downsize, you may benefits from hearing how these folks did it."

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